Forma-Care Comfort Form Shaped Pads

Forma-Care Comfort Form Shaped Pads - Pack of 40 pads (2 x 20)
Price £8.99 (22p per pad)
Exc. VAT: £8.99
Pack of 40 pads (2 x 20)
400B - Plus 1770 ml
401B - Super 2140 ml
402B - Extra 3385ml
403B - Extra Night 3715 ml

Cost per pad
Plus 22p
Super 25p
Extra 30p
Extra Night 32p
Size: Size Guide

All our incontinence pads come in a variety of sizes, usually offering a choice of 3 or 4 different sizes.

The details below should give you a good idea of which size to buy. If in doubt you can always buy a sample pack first.

Small Hip Size 50 – 80 cms/20 – 32”
Medium Hip Size 70 – 110 cms/28 – 43”
Large Hip Size 100-150 cms/39 – 59”
Extra Large Hip Size 140 -170 cms/55 – 67”

Please be aware that when the manufacturer says Small, it really is small. If in doubt, when there is a choice between 2 sizes it is generally wise to opt for the larger of the two sizes.

Please ring for further advice if you are not sure.

Brand: Forma-Care    Product Code: 400B, 401B, 402B, 403B

Reliable Protection

 with a super absorbent core.  These pads are very reliable and cost effective.  They are suitable for men and women, day or night. They come in four different sizes/absorbencies and are colour coded:                                       

Blue - Plus (Day), Yellow - Super (Day Super), Green - Extra (night) Purple - Extra Night (extra night)

Skin Protection

Anatomically shaped to fit with high absorbency in the central core ensures your skin is kept dry and protected. 

Easy to use.

As there are no tapes to fix the pads are very easy to change. They are best used with the net pants  but can be used inside normal underwear.

Comes in 2 packs of 20 pads

Incontinence Products
Absorbency 400B - Plus 1770 ml
401B - Super 2140 ml,
402B - Extra 3385ml,
403B - Extra Night 3715 ml
Absorbency Rating 5
Min Price Per Pad 22p per pad
Cost per pad Plus 22p,
Super 25p,
Extra 30p,
Extra Night 32p

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