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Trial Pack - Size Guide

Trial Pack Size Guide - Small, Medium or Large?
Price £5.00
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Size Guide - Small, Medium or Large?
Comparing Size Options:

Brand: Assortment    Product Code: 420

Pull Up Pants in Medium,Large or Extra Large, All in Ones Day and Night in Medium, Large and Extra Large

Size Guide Pack 
If you are not sure what size you are - just order a pack of either Small/Medium, Medium/Large or Large/Ex Large so you can be sure which size fits you best.  We offer

One pad of each of the following products in the two sizes chosen are included in the Trial Pack:

Shaped Pad 

All in One Forma-Care

All in One Tendercare nateen

Pull Up Pant Forma-Care and Tendercare nateen

Incontinence Products
Comparing Sizes Pack comparing with Small/Medium
Pack comparing with Medium/Large
Pack comparing with Large/Extra Large