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Vlesi-Well Stress Incontinence Pads

Vlesi-Well Stress Incontinence Pads - Multipack of 84 pads
Price £15.00 (81p per pad)
Exc. VAT: £15.00
Multipack of 84 pads
322C - Large 800 ml

Cost per pad
322C 18p per pad
Stress Incontinence Packs:

Brand: Vlesia    Product Code: 322C

Money saver pack of discreet ultra-absorbent Stress Incontinence Pads with odour inhibitors for 100% protection.
Use them with confidence for stress or light incontinence or for post-surgery problems. Men and women alike find they give the security they need to lead a normal life.

Skin Friendly.
These pads have a super soft surface and waterproof backing.  The skin is kept dry and protected as the super absorbers and innovative V-Dry System draws the fluid away rapidly from the surface.

Excellent Fit.
Shaped to fit the body with rounded edges and elastic threads at the sides keeps the pad fitting neatly. There is a broad adhesive strip on the back so the pad is discreetly fixed to underwear.

Not sure what to buy- order a Sample from us

Incontinence Products
Absorbency 322C - Large 800 ml
Absorbency Rating 2
Actual Size Large - 21 x 45 cm
Quantity in Pack 322C - Large 84 pads
Min Price Per Pad 81p per pad
Cost per pad 322C 18p per pad

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