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Tendercare Light Stress Pads

Tendercare Light Stress Pads - Packs of 50/100/200 pads
Price £9.00 (14p per pad)
Exc. VAT: £9.00
Packs of 50/100/200 pads
One sized pad 500 ml
Pack Size:

Brand: Tendercare    Product Code: 110A 110B 110C

Slim incontinence pad worn with own underwear providing all day protection against unwanted leaks

Light Protection
Desgined for light or stress incontinence.  This incontinence pad has a waterproof back with a long adhesive strip which sticks to your own underwear. Soft on delicate skin.

A long, slim incontinence pad which has a few elastic threads in the middle to give a neat fit.

Ideal for
Men who have had prostrate surgery and need some temporary protection
Women with light or stress incontinence or again after surgery
Also useful for older children as it is a slim, and long pad.


Sold in 3 pack sizes. 50, 100 or 200 pads per pack.

Not sure what to buy - order a Sample from us

Incontinence Products
Absorbency One sized pad 500 ml
Absorbency Rating 2
Actual Size 9 cm x 39 cm
Quantity in Pack 110A - 50 pads
110B - 100 pads
110C - 200 pads
Min Price Per Pad 14p per pad

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