Incontinence Supplies

A large range of disposable incontinence products which may appear confusing at first sight but split into logical sections becomes clearer:

For maximum protection check out our unisex Premium range. Generously cut, very high absorbency and available in four sizes including Extra Large.
Unisex night protection in 2 ranges: Vlesicare and Tendercare. With greater absorbencies than the Day pads to ensure they last through the night for those with medium to severe incontinence.
Unisex day protection in 2 ranges: Vlesi-Slips with the new breathable sides and Tendercare with its traditional design and Day Plus option. All suitable for medium to severe incontinence.
Very discreet, unisex disposable pants, designed for the more mobile. Reliable and comfortable protection for daytime use and a good practical option when travelling.
For economical and effective protection for men and women with medium to severe incontinence. Easy to use and comfortable to wear, day or night, with 4 different levels of size and absorbencies.
Slim, discreet, unisex pads which are very absorbent with odour inhibitors for those who have light or stress incontinence. Available in four sizes with adhesive strip on the back.
These washable, stretch pants are particularly useful, although not essential, to use with the Shaped Pads as they keep the pads neatly secured in place.