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Tendercare will be closed for Christmas and the New Year from 12:00 noon on Wednesday 20th December. Any orders placed by this day and time will be delivered before Christmas.

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Stress Incontinence Pads

Suitable for men and women.

These small, discreet pads are ultra absorbent with odour inhibitors to give you 100% all round protection. Used by men and women with confidence for stress or light incontinence or for post-surgery problems. They give the security you need to lead a normal life. Can be used with our stretch net pants or with your own underwear as there is an adhesive strip on the back of the pad. 

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from £5.99 (18p per pad)
Forma-Care Active Man Stress Pads - Packs of 28/56/168
Packs of 28/56/168
Reliable Protection A stress pad which offers comfortable and discreet protection with ..
Exc. VAT: £5.99
from £4.99 (20p per pad)
Forma-Care Woman Dry Super Stress Pads - Packs of 20/40/80 pads
Packs of 20/40/80 pads
Protective and discreet small shaped pad with soft, rustle proof backing designed for stress in..
Exc. VAT: £4.99
£7.00 (28p per pad)
Vlesi-Well Stress Incontinence Pads - Pack of 28 pads
Pack of 28 pads
Stress Protection. Discreet stress pads with ultra absorbency and odour inhibitors to give you 100%..
Exc. VAT: £7.00
£15.00 (81p per pad)
Vlesi-Well Stress Incontinence Pads - Multipack of 84 pads
Multipack of 84 pads
Money saver pack of discreet ultra-absorbent Stress Incontinence Pads with odour inhibitors for 100%..
Exc. VAT: £15.00