Bed & Chair Protection

 Tender care offer effective and disposable underpads as a low cost additional protection for beds, mattresses, chairs or any other surface. They come in four sizes, 60 x 40 cms, 60 x 60 cms, 60 x 90 cms and 60 x 80 x 180 cms with plastic strips either side that you tuck under the mattress (for single beds only) which keeps the pad in place all night, particularly useful for restless sleepers. They are much appreciated by carers as they can save a lot of time and energy on washing bed linen.

Washable protection gives long lasting bed protection for mattresses, duvets and pillowcases. Water repellent, breathable and anti allergenic covers made of a light, non woven, coated polypropylene which is soft and light and weighs practically nothing. Can be machine washed at up to 40 degrees and can be tumble dried. Do not use fabric conditioner.

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from £13.95
Disposable Tendercare Underpads
Low cost, disposable protection For use as additional, disposable protection for the bed, bed ..
Exc. VAT: £13.95
Seat Cover - Single pack
Single pack
A washable, protective seat pad with waterproof backing to protect chairs and seating. Made from ..
Exc. VAT: £10.00
Washable Waterproof Sheets - Pack of 10 sheets
Pack of 10 sheets
Mattress Protection.  Light, waterproof  'sheets' are placed on top of the mattress to pr..
Exc. VAT: £10.20
from £6.00
Washable Fitted Mattress Protector - Sold Singly
Sold Singly
Mattress Protection. Fits snugly over the mattress to protect it. The cover is made of a light, non..
Exc. VAT: £5.00
Washable Single Duvet Protector - Sold Singly
Sold Singly
Water Repellent, Breathable and anti allergenic single duvet cover made of a light, non woven, co..
Exc. VAT: £16.00
Washable Pillow Case Protector - Sold in packs of 2
Sold in packs of 2
Water Repellent, Breathable and anti allergenic pillow case cover made of light, non woven, coated ..
Exc. VAT: £6.00