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Disposable Tendercare Underpads

Disposable Tendercare Underpads
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Brand: Tendercare Nateen    Product Code: 001U 002U 003U 004U

Low cost, disposable protection
For use as additional, disposable protection for the bed, bed linen and patient. The underpad has a waterproof backing with a soft, absorbent top layer. Either use pad on top of the bottom sheet as added protection for the patient , or place underneath the sheet to protect the mattress. Waterproof protection for any seat or chair. Much appreciated by users and carers alike saving so much time and energy on washing. 004U is a 60 x 80 cm bed pad with sides that you can tuck underneath the mattress for extra stability.

Comfortable to use
The pads are ultra slim using super absorbents  

Available in 4 sizes.
60 x 40 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm and 60 x 80 x 180 cm.

60 x 80 x 180 cm pad is perfect for single beds and restless users as there is a plastic flap either side of the pad which can be tucked in under the mattress keeping the pad securely in place all night. 

Sold in packs of 100 60x40cm pads (£15.50), 100 60x60cm pads (£16.50), 100 60x90cm pads (£21.65), 40 60x80x180 pads (£14.99)

Incontinence Products
Details 001U 60 x 40 cm - 100 pads,
002U 60 x 60 cm - 100 pads,
003U 60 x 90 cm - 100 pads
004U 60 x 80 x 180 cm - 40 pads